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#Throwback: Caked at 2017 St. Pete Pride Street Festival

June 25th 2017, Caked was an exhibitor at the 2017 St. Pete Pride Street Festival. The event drew thousands of spectators. This was our very first event, serving as both a teaching lesson and our most rewarding experience yet. All signage and marketing features the original Caked logo.

A Caked customer posing in the bestselling crop top of that day.

The Customer Experience

We got the opportunity to interact with hundreds of customers. Some made purchases, some stopped by to inquire about our products, while others just dropped by to grab a lollipop. No matter the interaction, Caked owner and founder, Precious Gibson (IG: @Cakedupdrippedout) was sure to provide a friendly and welcoming customer experience to all.

#blackownedbusiness #smallbusiness #pride

More satisfied customers from the event.

A satisfied customer posing with her Caked purchase.

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