Girl Talk : Spit or Swallow ?

In today's music, television, and basically any other media outlet, there is one sure way to attract the attention of the masses, sex. When all else fails to get records on the charts or films in the theater, there is always the topic of sex to grab the audiences undivided attention. With the oh-so convenient assistance of social media, oral sex is a hot topic in today's sex crazed culture. Most rappers today will make numerous mention of giving or receiving fellatio during sexual encounters in their lyrics. Louisiana rapper Webbie raps "I love how she be swallowin my nut/then she be throwin me up" in his verse on Rocko's "I Don't Love Her." For all of you who are not too hip to the lingo of modern rap culture, Webbie is rapping that he enjoys when a woman swallows his semen, then spits it back out (hardcore, I know). So that would insinuate that he enjoys a "spitter" , a woman who spits the semen out once her male partner ejaculates in her mouth while she is orchestrating oral sex. Now, from a slightly different stand point, we have Lil Wayne, who raps on his internet sensationalized track "Nasty", "Sex is in the air/she want me to hit it rare/that means raw/that means naw/I could pull out but that means jaw/that means gulp/I wake up to vodka and orange juice/baby you can drink my pulp." The "drink my pulp" reference refers to the woman drinking or swallowing the semen during oral sex once the receiving male ejaculates in her mouth, making her a "swallower."

Which brings me to my question ladies, which one are you? Probably a decade ago, many women were not even open to the idea of giving oral sex. Now they want us to take it a step further and actually swallow the semen after we've exhausted our jaws for the pleasure of our male partners? This is exactly what is expected. Oral sex has evolved, morphing into a sexual art form, perfected and crafted. Thanks to the pressure of head connoisseurs such as the infamous Karrine Steffans, more appropiately nicknamed "SuperHead", if you are receiving or giving "basic head" , then you are simply just not up with the times. So ladies, what is your take on it all? Does pleasuring your partner include swallowing the semen to create a filthy, porn-like resemblance in the bedroom? Or are you just not down with becoming a "Milk Marie?" Whatever your sucking preference, simply make it an enjoyable encounter for both you and the recipient. Find ways to pleasure yourself while your pleasuring him, and if you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at swallowing. Who knows, you may grow to the ranks of the great Karrine. Never know until you try, right?

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