Girl Talk : Online Dating . Yay or Nay?

Okay ladies, so here we are in 2015, and we can all agree that with the legion of dating sites and dating apps, the world of dating has definitely transitioned from the old days of blind dates orchestrated by self-proclaimed matchmaking friends or meeting a charming stranger in the vegetable aisle at the local grocery store. Technology has replaced the conventional methods of dating, providing a platform dictated by facades. One can portray whatever or whomever they desire to be to attract a potential dater. In all too familiar instances of today, foreign cars, large homes in private communities, photographs documenting luxurious vacations riddle the dating profiles of men, showcasing a wealthy lifestyle that is sure to attract a woman searching for love as well as security and prosperity. However, what if that is all it is? Nothing more than bait to lure a woman, only for she to discover that it was all just a fictious ploy to get her number or to get into her panties or even worse, get into her heart. And let's never ignore the more sinister instances of unsuspecting women meeting men online, only to be met with fatal ends. How can one be sure that what they see is actually what they get? Another crucial aspect to think about, what do you do if the man is as sweet as pie, treats you as a queen, but is dead broke, which is contrary to what he markets himself as on the web? Or what would happen if the man in the profile photographs is not ACTUALLY the man that you speak with or meet? However, his personality is genuine and kind, just too ashamed of his own looks to reveal authentic photographs of himself online?

Although the "what-ifs" are endless, the possibilites could very well be positive. Many long-term relationships and marriages today began online with a simple click on a profile link. Life is too short to be afraid of taking chances, especially on love. However, it is important to be very careful and very selective with the men you choose to invite into your life. Here are two key tips that I myself have found useful when online dating:

1. Take Your Time

I know that the clock may be clicking for some of us ladies and we are often in such a rush to find a good man, settle down, have children and live happily ever after. However, nothing worth having will come easily. When browsing through the profiles on a dating site, pay close attention to any details provided, especially essential lifestyle preferences if they are listed within the profile (religion, sexual orientation, whether or not they want kids, etc). These are the things that could save you time and trouble by finding out if there is even a chance of being compatiable.

2. Talk For Awhile Before Meeting

Once you set your eyes on a potential guy, feel him out a little. Message one another for a few weeks. If the online conversation is dull, indicating that he is only interested in sex or anything else that turns you off, no need for him to progress to the next step of this process. Once you can establish quality conversation via the web, then exchange numbers. Communicate over text message and phone conversations. Listen to the tone in his voice, his vocal reaction to certain topics. This could tell you a lot about whether or not he is confrontational when being faced with tough questions or if he is open-minded to your opinion, even if it differs from his own. Finally, after many meaningful and consistant conversations and even a few "Good Morning" text messages to start off your sluggish Monday, then you are ready to meet in a neutral setting that suits your comfort level!

We all have our own views on online dating. Some say go for it, while others are completely against the idea. Whatever your prefrences when meeting a guy, please be careful, be classy and be yourself! Happy online dating (or not).

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