15 Years Later "Da Baddest Bitch" & What We've Learned From It

In 2000, Trina released her debut album "Da Baddest Bitch" , which was certified gold by November of that same year. 15 years later, the album titled debut single continues to erupt crowds in nightclubs and parties across the country. But delving deeper into the lyrics that are not made for your grandmothers ears, Trina is actually giving us ladies a bit of a lesson on how to NOT fall for the trifling and sexually fueled antics of men, but instead, how to be a hustler and take no nonsense in the process of establishing ourselves and turning the tables on the men who believe they have the game all figured out. I know what you're thinking, "Juicy, how in the hell can raunchy lyrics about oral sex sleeping with another woman's husband and referring to oneself as a 'hoe' teach a lesson?" . However, just stay with me here ladies.

Verse one of "Da Baddest Bitch" begins with "I'm representin' for the bitches, all eyes on your riches. No time for the little dicks". Trina enters the song strong, glorifying the ambitious female hustler who does not allow love nor sex to stand in the way of her monetary gain. She is establishing her role in the song as embassador of the independent woman, the "bad bitch".

Continuing to look past the raunchy and blunt delivery of verse two, Trina embodies the "Boss Bitch". Confident, successful and standing firmly on her own two feet, careful not to be toyed with by any man. She goes on to rap "See, I'm unemployed with no boss hoe. While y'all sucking dick for free, I'm broke off hoe. See, it pays to be the boss hoe. Shit, that's how you floss hoe". Yes, many of us may have clutched our pearls at the way Trina throws around oral sex so freely. However, she points out the valid fact that women can often be too willing to get freaky with men without them having proved themselves worthy of receiving the goodies. What is there left to work for if we give up the prize for nothing in exchange ladies (monogamy, stability, etc). Trina also lets us know that being independent can provide the lifestyle that us women want to live. Providing for ourselves and being financially able to treat ourselves to the finer things as women is liberating in a world where it is expected for men to be the only "bosses" as we stand by and only receive the crumbs of their labor.

Closing out the anthem strongly, Trina sharply chants "I got game for young hoes. Don't grow to be a dumb hoe. That's a no-no. See, if you off the chain, stay ahead of the game, save up buy a condo." Yes, Trina referred to us as "hoes". Not to be taken offensively, she recited these words from the aspect of an older sister if you will. Someone having been there, done that, which allows her the knowledge to rap about it. Trina is encouraging women to be great by becoming financially secure and creating stable homes for ourselves. BEING INDEPENDENT!

So ladies, what have we learned from "Da Baddest Bitch"? Have we learned to be strong minded? Have we learned to have thick skin, realizing that we may be hurt a time or two but never broken? Have we learned to make a way for ourselves financially so that we are not dependent on men to provide a lifestyle for us? Have we learned our self-worth and realized that it is okay for we as women to rise as bosses and embrace our natural bad-assness? Or have you failed to listen beyond the surface and only hear a tale of slutty endeavors that fund a glamorous lifestyle? Just as much as Trina glorifies her sexual capabilities in her music, she also praises the self-sufficient women of the world, demanding us all to demand respect and never give up on attaining the lifestyle we want. Thank you Katrina Taylor. Lesson learned.

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